Online poker secrets revealed

Poker is fundamentally a game of randomness and uncertainty. You, as an online poker player, use skill, experience, and some tricks to find the pattern in the randomness. This whole mechanism is to make win certain. But, is there any winning formula or secret to make winning a certainty. Unfortunately, there isn’t any universally proven formula applicable in online poker?

The moment some formula will be derived, the game of online poker will die a sudden death. If you analyze the approach adopted by top professional poker players in the mega tournament, you will notice certain common traits that make them top earners. Here are some of those secrets that could help you master the art and improve the bottom-line:

  • Learn to Earn

One common secret that most of online poker professional players reveal is that you have to be an avid learner to be a winner. In poker space every game in the new game and every hand gives you a new set of information and gameplay. You have to capture information and cues to use it effectively in right moment. The best practice is to make a note so that you could refer to it in free time. Improvisation learning is the key that makes one a great player in long terms. 

All good players change their game style according to the demand of the situation. You have to remain unpredictable. Why give your opponent an edge of certified information.  

  • Back-up Plan

You simply cannot win all the hands all the time. The possibility of a positive outcome, even in the best-case scenario, is never better than 50-50. If you are aspiring to be a professional online poker player you need to understand the win-lose mathematics. This understanding will teach you to have a back-up plan in place. Almost all professionals have a very strong back-plan in place. They know how to hedge and how to earn even if someone is winning. You may win 3-4 tournaments in a row and then might face a dry period of series of defeats. So, the secret is to have a strong financial management system in place so that you could keep playing for a longer period. download aplikasi poker online android

  • Make Notes of Your Hands

Note making, coding or marking is a kind of open secret, but the most ignored by beginners. You always focus on your cards and planning your moves, but fail to make note difficult or confusing hand. Note it, discuss it and imbibe it, if you want to play online poker for a longer period. Never hesitate in seeking advice, as neutral observers give you amazing inputs. The idea is simple, as mentioned above, you have to remain open for learning. The moment you close yourself, you are on decline path.

  • Avoid Playing Loosely at Start

The rarest gem in the world of poker is your skill to observe and strategize. You simply cannot jump in the battlefield without even knowing opponents and armory. So, the secret of the game is to take your time to observe, capture and analyze information cues in the start and avoid playing too loose. The hurry to play too many hands without knowing your opponents is suicide on the poker table.

All great players with a good earning track record play tight at the start and use the time in observing and analyzing. Based on a smart calculation, they know exactly when to loosen up. This helps them in capitalizing situations like elimination and blinds. Playing too tight will make your opponent too cautious with bets, so chances of big win will be very less.

  • Bluff Smartly

It is an open secret that bluffing is part of poker, as this helps in moving emotion and pressure. You know the art so be smart in the use of bluff skill, as it works only when used in the right situation at the right time. It is not just that, you need to learn the art to counter the bluff as well. The best strategy is to do that is to keep a note of hands played by opponents.

  • Fold in Time

This is the rarest skill, as one needs to be very balanced in the use of fold to remain in the game and play to win big. We all play to win and win aggressively, but should not be blended with ego. You have to monitor your situation and play your hands accordingly. If the situation demands, simply fold and wait for the right moment.  It is not just winning, but not loosing also matters.

Go in the game with the mindset of a winner. This is what makes all the difference because you play among equals and all are good enough to be a champion. Practice and play, the win will follow!